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Many people have asked me why we have decided to start concentrating on Japanese pieces and unfortunately there is not a quick answer.

In January, Janice and I decided that we needed to start thinking about the future (we are not getting any younger) and came to the conclusion that we needed to start downsizing the business. With this in mind, we agreed to start looking for a slightly smaller space to operate from and to reduce the amount of items we have in stock. Over the next two years we hope to reduce the stock levels to a more manageable level and looking even further into the future we decided to start to concentrate on one or two subjects and preferably subjects where the stock will fit into boxes, so if neccessary we can work from smaller premises, or even from home.

The next difficult decision was to try and pick one subject that interests me enough to be able to do this, and after many weeks I came to the conclusion that I would like to concentrate on Japanese. I have always liked the subject and marvelled at the quality of pieces produced at the end of the 19th century (Meiji period) since we held the Japanese exhibition in our Petworth showrooms in 2008.

Once we had made this choice, the next decision was to decide which subjects we would concentrate on and we thought we would pick bronzes, ivories, woodblock prints, silver, Satsuma and studio pottery, together with a mixture of other pieces which caught our eye. We also decided to pick items that would fit into a house full of antiques, but would also be equally at home in a contemporary enviroment, and we happily have pieces from the 20th century, and indeed would be happy to have modern pieces if they match our criteria for quality.

One of the other joys for me having made this decision is that I will still have to do lots of research, reading and learning, and this gives me great pleasure as I firmly believe that you have to keep learning and expanding your knowledge, regardless of your age.

I hope many of you will join us in this voyage of discovery.


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